Fear's Gate

2019 Attractions

Dark Tours

Warning: Behind Fears Gate there is no place to hide. We control your every wicked experience while bringing your FEARs to reality.  

During “Dark Tours” you are exposed to the full onslaught of having all your senses terrorized and may be considered TOO intense for the more sensitive or faint of heart. 

There is no shame in having to “Tap Out” of a “Dark Tour”.  If the “Dark Tour” becomes TOO intense, DON’T run, stand STILL in the dark and keep tapping your hands on top of your head until you are rescued and escorted to an exit. 

If you Tap Out, you will NOT receive a refund and you will NOT be allowed to re-enter without purchasing another ticket. 

If you can not find enough courage to try a “Dark Tour” again, may we suggest experiencing the “Behind the Screams” Lights-On Tour first (but NOT required).

RIP Lounge

NEW FOR 2019!

The RIP Lounge is included with the purchase of a RIP Ticket. The RIP Lounge is where you can gather to relive your recent startles and scares as you laugh at your family, friends and yourself while you watch playback on monitors of everyone's screams and terror as you experienced the "Freak Show". 

Breaking of any Haunt Rules will be grounds for revoking your RIP Lounge access. (See RULES, FAQ & WARNINGS)

“Behind the Screams” Lights-On Tours

In order to allow everyone to enjoy the haunt, we offer a daytime Behind the Screams “lights on” tour for the younger, more sensitive and faint of heart. During this tour our guests can walk through the haunt with the lights on see how the haunt works as well as gently touch and feel the props without worrying that something is going to jump out at them. These Behind the Screams “lights on” tours are offered Saturday’s from  1:00pm-5:00pm.

Coffin Ride

Take a wild ride in the nation's only "Double Wide Simulated Coffin Ride" and see what awaits you after the mortician finishes his handy work.

You will hear the sound and feel the movement of the Fears Gate grave diggers loading you into a Hot Rod Hearse and taking you for "Your Last Ride".

You will smell the roses from your gravesite and the dirt as you are being shoveled into your plot. Just when you think all is lost, you realize you're not alone in the dark . . .

We promise an adventure you'll remember 'til the day you die !!!